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As low as H +1.3%.
Cash rebate up to 1.6%.

Enjoy additional coupons after loan drawdown!

One-stop mortgage referral services. Shop the best mortgage offers in town!

Our team is comprised of professional mortgage consultants with strong financial and banking experience. We provide free pre-assessment and match you up with wide variety of lenders & different underwriting policy , our expertises to take a holistic view of borrower’s indebtedness. This ensure the most appropriate outcome for the borrower, allows us to tailored - made proper strategies to meet your long-term financial goals, whatever stage of your life. Our services are absolutely Free!

One-To-One free mortgage consulting advice

We have more than 20 years experience in Mortgage referral & finance industry. Our expertises can assist you to turn your home equity into money for investing property, home renovation, debt consolidation, tuition , investment or even vacation, any other valuable use to you. Home loan declined by bank? No worries, our specialists can assist you with a ranges of solutions & tailored the most appropriate strategy to meet your financial needs.

Fubon Mortgage Services

No matter you are a first-time home buyer, property upgrader or property investor, Fubon Bank provides you with comprehensive mortgage plans. Mortgage for various types of properties including private estates, single block buildings, tenements, village houses, offices, industrial and commercial properties, and car parks etc are accepted to meet your different financial needs. Cash rebate is up to 1.55%.

Ricacorp Mortgage Agency Limited has been established since 1999, which is one of the leading companies in the mortgage referral & finance industry. Our talented team is comprised of professional mortgage consultants with strong financial and banking experience. Regardless of applying the first mortgage or second mortgage, financing a home loan or even debt consolidation – we will provide you with a range of personalised advice to reach your financial goals. Ricacorp Mortgage Agency works for you not for a bank. Fulfilling your financial need is our utmost priority! We will guide you the mortgage process smoothly. All our services are absolutely Free!

20 years

More than 20 years experience in Mortgage referral & finance industry


All our services are absolutely FREE!

50 banks

Partner more than 50 banks and financial institutions

One to One

Personalised strategies to meet your long-term financial goals


With our expertise and know-how in the field, we will assist you in taking advantage of market opportunities.

Why choosing Ricacorp Mortgage Agency?

-Not work for any financial institutions
-Maximize your gains
-Save your time
-Free of charge
Carmen Yim Senior Mortgage Sales Manager
Whatsapp: 90997685
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First Hand Properties

凱柏峰I Villa Garda I 按揭優惠

凱柏峰I Villa Garda I 銀行按揭計劃: 息率H+1.30%送高息存款戶口, ...

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飛揚 GRAND JETE 按揭優惠

飛揚 Grand Jete 銀行按揭計劃: 息率H+1.30%送高息存款戶口, 高達九成按...

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必嘉坊·曦匯 Baker Circle ·Dover 按揭優惠

必嘉坊·曦匯 Baker Circle ·Dover 銀行按揭計劃: 必嘉坊·曦匯 Bak...

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Mortgage Statistics

Residential Mortgage Survey Results for April 2022

The number of mortgage applications in April ...

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SILICON HILL 銀行按揭計劃: 息率H+1.30%送高息存款戶口, 高達九成按揭...

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First Hand Properties

瓏碧 Allegro 按揭優惠

瓏碧 Allegro 銀行按揭計劃: 息率H+1.30%送高息存款戶口, 高達九成按揭, ...

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Mortgage Statistics

Residential mortgage loans in negative equity: End of March 2022

HKMA announced the results of its survey on r...

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Mortgage Statistics

Residential Mortgage Survey Results for March 2022

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced th...

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THE HENLEY II Mortgage Plan

The Henley II Special mortgage offers: Rate A...

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