The “White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM)” is a program introduced by the Hong Kong Housing Authority in November 2017. By regularizing the temporary scheme, the secondary market for public housing was expanded to include White Form buyers, allowing eligible individuals with “White Form” status to purchase public housing without paying land premium, and even obtaining up to 90% mortgage financing.

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Features of WSM Mortgage Scheme

Interest rate as low asP-1.75% for the whole period (P: 5.875%)
Great interest rates as low as4.125%
Cash RebateUp to 2%*
Penalty Period2 years
Mortgage LTV RatioUp to 90% mortgage
Repayment PeriodUp to 25 years

Free Mortgage Pre-assessment

Whether you are interested in a new HOS flat or wish to tap into the second-hand HOS housing market with unpaid land premiums, if you want to understand your ability to pay, or want to know more about the valuation of your favourite property, look no further than our free property valuation. Compared to online banking, our valuation service stays closer to market conditions. You can get a more accurate calculation of the monthly repayment amount and potential interest expense, hence picking a mortgage plan that suits you the most.

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*with extra bonus rebate, please contact us.