Enjoy  Extra cash reward 

While the Client’s application of mortgage loan is deemed to be successfully referred by us, the Client will be entitled to the Cash Reward.

Our clients are eligible to receive extra reward  by simply submitting a mortgage application form and completing the drawdown of mortgage loan from the bank or financial institution referred by Ricacorp Mortgage Agency (RMA). Rewards may be subject to some special terms and conditions.

For details, please contact our Mortgage Consultant.
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Terms and Conditions for “Mortgage Loan Application Reward”:

  1. The Client shall properly submit the “Mortgage Loan Referral Form” of Ricacorp Mortgage Agency Limited to RMA or the bank/financial institution. When a mortgage loan successfully granted by the bank/ financial institution to the Client upon the successful drawing of the mortgage loan by Client while the Clients’ application of mortgage loan is deemed to be successfully referred by RMA, the Client may get the Cash Reward under the following terms and conditions.
  2. The Cash Reward shall be paid at the agreed rate of the mortgage loan drawn amount for the Property (subject to the final approval result of the bank/financial institution) after completion of the Property’s transaction;
  3. The Client acknowledged and agreed to comply with the regulations imposed by Hong Kong Monetary Authority: If the reward amount in excess of 1% of the mortgage loan amount of the Property, the entire reward must be included in the mortgage loan amount when calculating the mortgage ratio; and
  4. In case of disputes on the Cash Reward Activity, RMA reserves the rights of final decision and changing details of the Activity and its terms and conditions without prior notice.

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