Whether it is a new property, a second-hand property or a remortgage in Hong Kong, Ricacorp’s Low-Interest Rate Mortgage Services can assist homebuyers with a low-interest and high-rebate mortgage plan. The plan comes with a high loan-to-value ratio with a longer repayment period, and a cash rebate of up to 2%**. You can more easily accomplish your home purchase goal. Our mortgage specialists will tailor-make the most suitable housing mortgage solution for you based on your personal finances, repayment ability and property price.

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Features of Low-Interest Rate Mortgage Plan

Full period as low as HIBOR+1.3%
Lock-in upper limit P-2.25% (P: 5.875%) =3.625%
Up to 2%** cash rebate
2-year penalty period
Up to 80% to 90%* Mortgage
Up to 30 years repayment period

Free mortgage pre-assessment

Whether it’s for getting your first home in Hong Kong, cashing out your existing real estate assets, or a remortgage, you can get a free property valuation with us if you want to know more about your repayment ability or the valuation of your favourite property. Our valuation service will be closer to actual market conditions than online banking. You can calculate your monthly payment and interest expenses more accurately, allowing you to make the decision that best suits your needs.

Contact us

If you are interested in our low-interest rate mortgage services, or want to know more about our various mortgage and remortgage plans, welcome to WhatsApp us at 5662 2730, or email us at mortgage@ricacorp.com, our experienced mortgage experts in Hong Kong are happy to help by providing professional advice and individual analysis, so that you could easily achieve your real estate goals in Hong Kong. All consulting services are at absolutely $0 cost.

**with extra bonus rebate, please contact us