The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) announced the results of the residential mortgage survey for January 2021.

The number of mortgage applications in January 2021 increased month-on-month by 15.1% to 13,112.

Mortgage loans approved in January 2021 decreased by 1.7% compared with December 2020 to HK$37.8 billion. Among these, mortgage loans financing primary market transactions decreased by 22.5% to HK$5 billion and those financing secondary market transactions increased by 1.5% to HK$27.1 billion. Mortgage loans for refinancing increased by 6.8% to HK$5.8 billion.

Mortgage loans drawn down during January 2021 decreased by 5.9% compared with December 2020 to HK$24.9 billion.

The ratio of new mortgage loans priced with reference to HIBOR increased from 95.2% in December 2020 to 95.5% in January 2021. The ratio of new mortgage loans priced with reference to best lending rates decreased from 2.6% in December 2020 to 2.2% in January 2021.

The outstanding value of mortgage loans increased month-on-month by 0.6% to HK$1,590.9 billion at end-January 2021.

The mortgage delinquency ratio remained unchanged at 0.04% and the rescheduled loan ratio remained unchanged at nearly 0%.


Source::Hong Kong Monetary Authority (2021.02.26)

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