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What is the maximum property value for the MIP loan?

The maximum property value for the MIP loan is HK$10 million for
completed residential properties and HK$6 million for properties under

What is the maximum tenor for the MIP loan?

The maximum tenor for the MIP loan is 30 years.

 Mortgage Insurance Programme
Mortgage TypeNew mortgage for primary market properties (completed or under construction*) and secondary market properties, refinancing and cash-out refinancing
Maximum Property ValueHK$10,000,000
Property TypeRegular property types and village-type houses#
Maximum Loan Tenor30 years
EligibilityPersonal Customers and Self-use residential properties
Premium (can be financed with the mortgage loan in one lump sum)A mortgage insurance premium is required
Cash-Out RefinancingLoan-to-value ratio up to 80%, cap at HK$4,800,000
*Under construction property with property value above HK$6,000,000 is not applicable.
#A loan-to-value ratio of up to 80% can be offered for selected village-type houses.
The above information is for reference only.  Final approval is subject to the decision of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited. 

Source: “FAQ” of “The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited” website.

高成數按揭 每月供款及入息要求 參考

For details, please contact our Mortgage Consultant.
Service Hotline: 2836 6121 / 2836 6183 WHATSAPP:9608 3114 

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