Overnight HIBOR last posted at 0.06982%, according to HKAB. Meanwhile, the 1-Month HIBOR related to mortgage rate last stood at 0.12321%, marking a 1-month low.

Tenor│Latest rate│Change (vs. last trading day)
Overnight│0.06982%│-0.125 bps
1-Week│0.07357%│-0.411 bps
1-Month│0.12321%│-0.608 bps
3-Month│0.27054%│-0.16 bps
6-Month│0.4825%│-0.625 bps
12-Month│0.64006%│-0.458 bps

Information as of: 2021-01-13 11:15

Source:  The Hong Kong Association of Banks

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